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          Hair Wax Hair OilEasy to cleanLong-lasting styling hairsprayFresh and fast-dryingNon-greasyPrevent dandruffSplit endsHighly moisturising hairMen's Professional Hair Salon

          ✅ 2 in 1 Oil Hair Brush with 100ml Hair Gel and Oil Hair Brush for an easy, stylish and youthful look.
          ✅ Oily Head Balm contains moisture-rich ingredients that treat the skin and hair follicles to help prevent dandruff and split ends associated with beard growth.
          ✅ Easy to use, moisturising, non-greasy, non-sticky and can be used for many styles. Non-sticky paste, strong hairstyle, dandruff free.
          ✅ Use comb for styling, not raw, easy to clean, no residue. Refreshing and non-sticky, high moisturising and non-greasy.
          ✅ Ingredients are pure and natural, 100% pure argan oil, vitamin E. Not only make you look good all day, but also help you care for your hair. Your best choice.


          It is an anti-static, lightweight and durable comb with specially designed non-slip grip.

          EXCELLENT STYLING RESULTS - Men's Cool Styling Gel is suitable for short, medium and partially long hair, with moisturising and styling effects, you can quickly create a sophisticated hairstyle that will make you look good for any occasion.

          FINE TEXTURE - Hair Wax Gel has a fine texture that is easy to hold and supportive. Hair is tight and firm with warm three-dimensional lines. Hairline definition and no white flakes.

          No worries about grease - You don't have to worry about greasy surfaces because you only need a small amount of 2-in-1 Styling Gel to create a cool, safe style!


          EASY TO CLEAN - The 2-in-1 Hair Wax Gel is also easy to clean after use, eliminating the need for tedious cleaning steps. Cool hairstyles are easy to have! Simply use a comb to style all shapes and keep your hands clean!


          Name: Men's Wax Hair 

          Specification: 100ml

          Shelf life: 3 years

          Ingredients: Moroccan Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Honey

          Product size: 17*5*4cm

          Gross weight: 118g

          Storage: Keep in a cool place

          Package includes: 1*Styling Gel Comb


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