✉️100 Envelope Challenge Binder


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          Perfect for cash budgeters who LOVE to save!

          Budget Binder Book makes money saving and budgeting so fun.One for yourself and one for your family budgeting.Help save money for next year!Or as you save money for a vacation, car, emergency fund, debt payoff, birthdays or anything!

          💰This is a great way to get the whole family involved in savings, and a great tool for teaching children about how to save money. Savings challenges are a fun and engaging tool for taking control of your finances!

          📏Comes with an A5 size binder (9 inches tall X 7 inches wide), 1 laminated reusable tracker, pouches either labeled 1-100 for the traditional way to save $5,050


          • PACKAGE: 1pc * Budget Binder Book

          • Size: 23*18*4cm

          🎁It's a perfect gift for your child to learn financial management!